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27 March 2017

5 TV Shows Guaranteed to Get you Hooked

Who remembers the days of the TV Guide? We had to plan our time around what we want to watch, and if you missed it, TOUGH. All I can say is thank-the-lord that we no longer live in that world. If you're on the same wavelength as me and you're more one for binge watching an entire series in a matter of days, then keep reading to see which shows are worth our while, and maybe save you some time by finding out which ones are not....

I was going to post the standard blogger-esque shots of me cuddled up with a hot drink and a cosy TV set up, but if I'm honest, streaming series' for me usually takes place in the depths of my bed staring at my 13" laptop screen, and it's not much of a photogenic scene! I'm dreaming for the day it will be on a new Panasonic 4K TV, they're such a dream... cinema room goals ey? Also, after the glorious weekend we've just witnessed, I just had to share a sunny backdrop in today's post, so instead, my top TV picks are accompanied by some preview pics for a new outfit posts coming up soon. All of the below are currently on Amazon Prime, I tend to swing between that and Netflix every few months depending on what's going down, you know? Anyway, enough about my binge watching habits, onto the list....

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19 March 2017

Is Less Really More?

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8 March 2017

Independent Women

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