19 August 2013

Heyyyyyy Mrs Carter

Hey Guys! You may or may not know this, but this weekend I've only gone and lost my festival virginity in Chelmsford at VFest! And what a way to do it! Admittedly, the main reason I got tickets this year was due to one woman- Beyonce. And boy did she give me my moneys worth.

Seeing Beyonce live has been on my bucket list for a few years now, mainly since I sat in front of the TV and gawped at her 2011 Glasto Gig, and I'm a very very very happy girl now that I can say I've seen her live at least once!

She's just something else, and for any of you that weren't there this weekend, I promise you that any bad reviews are just the bitter people in this world that cannot handle the force that is now Mrs Carter.

Anyway, off on a bit of a tangent as per, but this post's purpose, as it normally is here on my blog, is to share with you and celebrate her numerous looks of the night, and confirm that the "pixie cut" isn't actually a pixie cut, more of a POB. Though I missed her luscious locks, it was exciting and refreshing to see her looking different, lets face it, this is BEYONCÉ, she can pull off ANYTHING.

The hair was just the start of the revelation to the crowd of the new "Mrs Carter" persona, which seems to have replaced the old "Sasha Fierce" that we all loved to watch. But not to worry, she's still there, just in a more classic, elegant and womanly form, doing it for the powerful women of the world.

I'm pretty sure she was the only act of the festival to have a costume change (or 5). But to me this just made it better, with the outfits echoing the feel of the songs.

She came out first in a gorgeous all-white body suit and metallic boots, singing "Run The World (Girls)".

Followed by a change into a Black Sequinned Bodysuit with mesh sleeves and chest, with sky-scraper black lace up boots (I have no idea how she does the dance routines she does, never-mind doing them in those heels!) along with a sequinned bad-ass black cap so sing songs such as "DIVA" (of course), "Baby Boy", and "If I were a Boy".

Her next outfit change saw a lime green, animal print, all over fringed mini dress, in which she sang "Why don't you love me", with retro backing videos to match this 60's out-there look. This was my least favourite outfit of the set, though she still managed to pull it off, I don't think anyone else could.

We were then wowed by her sapphire blue sparkling catsuit, which I had already seen images of from her MRS CARTER world tour, but in real life, as I was pretty damn close to her, it looked INCREDIBLE. Not to mention how banging her body looked in it! In this she performed her sensual numbers such as "1+1" from the top of the piano, and it was jaw dropping.

Her penultimate outfit was then revealed when she came out to sing "Crazy In Love"and various other classics, a black and gold body suit with a leather peplum skirt. In this she was fierce and absolutely ROCKED the stage.

Her final outfit was my favourite of the lot. She looked insane, and it really showed the Mrs Carter version of Beyonce, it channelled beauty, sophistication and power, which are probably her three key words. She wore a sequinned black and white chevron striped, plunged neck top and teamed it with crisp white paper-bag, tapered high-waisted trousers, a thin black belt and a simple red court shoe. It was simple but SO good. She payed tribute to the late Whitney Houston as she sang "I will always love you" in total darkness- which was hair-raising, and there were a lot of tears around me in the crowd, followed by her closing song- HALO.


  1. Fab post! I love Beyonce! I managed to see her in April and it was the best concert I've ever been to! So worth the money! xo
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    1. I know right, soooo worth the money!! x


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