20 January 2014

ICON SERIES: The Month of Moss

kate moss style
Witessing the online world go crazy for tributes to Kate Moss last week for her 40th birthday, made me realised just how much we all love a good icon- and a style one at that. It gave me the inspiration to do an Icon Series, to pay homage to our iconic fashionistas out there. I'll be posting a new addition to the series every week, and have lots of your favourite ladies lined up, but be sure you let me know who you'd love to see pop up- comment below of tweet me @kathleendX 

Seems as she gave me the idea, it's only right to kick off the series with our gorgeous Kate Moss. Her leather and fur clad style mixed with those cheek bones is the ultimate mix of fashion heaven. How much would we all give for that bone structure ey? We can all dream, but in the mean time, let's just sit back and admire the Queen of the London look, who is somehow now 40 years old! If I look like she does at 40, I'll be a very happy bunny.


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