17 February 2014

ICON SERIES: Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung

As a nod to London Fashion Week- which I wish I was attending soooo badly- I thought I'd dedicate this week's Icon Series to one of our very own style star's.. Alexa. 
She's famous everywhere for her unique style especially between London & New York, where she splits her time between.. has she got the perfect life or what?! As a fellow tall-girl myself, I adore her and the way she rocks her looks without wearing heels a lot of the time. She is always on trend, but never fails to make the trends her own, and not wear them the ways everyone else does, which I adore her for. I- like most fashion lovers- am in the process of reading 'IT' which I'm loving, and proves my point of how unique she is, as her book is nothing like any other celeb book releases. 

Next week will be the final instalment to my ICON SERIES and I'm not set on who it shall be.. who would you guys love to finish the series? 


  1. I was given her book 'IT' for Christmas. Only read a few pages, but it's making my opinion of her a lot stronger. She has a very simplistic/minimalist style that works really well.

    Katie <3

  2. I love her style and her figure it gorgeous.



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