10 February 2014

ICON SERIES: Blake Lively

blake lively
Hey upper east siders, Kathleen here, your one and only source to fashion's elite. Next up in the Icon Series is the IT girl of the past few years. Blake Lively. I got hooked on Gossip Girl over the Christmas period- as I stupidly didn't watch it when it was airing on TV- and so the one and only Serena VDW just had to make it on to my fashion icons list. Agreed? She's the muse of designer's such as Karl Lagerfeld and if she's good enough for Karl, she's good enough for me. 
Between her chic street style and her flawless red carpet looks, Blake has truly identified herself as one of our generations' great fashion icons. And there we have it, Blake Lively, XOXO.


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