24 February 2014

ICON SERIES: The Olsen Twins

 I know this is a sad time, as you are reading the ICON SERIES for the last time, but there's a double whammy for the final instalment, as I introduce the beautiful style icon(S), Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.
If you're anything like me, your obsession with these twins was planted in your brain a very long time ago now. As a child I was constantly watching Two of a Kind,  never mind their films Passport to Paris New York Minute just to name a couple. They were addictive to watch on screen, and they made the leap into fashion at a very early age.. as I remember going into Asda with my mum and whining about how much I wanted everything in their clothing line for George.
They've matured well with 'THE ROW' & their line for BikBok, as well as looking flawless everywhere they go, which the majority of the time is on front row of high profile fashion shows. Living the life ey!
I hope you've enjoyed reading my Icon Series, as much as I've enjoyed making it. I think one of the key things in fashion is to keep an appreciation of it on your idols. I mean what would fashion be without style icons? A lot less interesting 

Who's been your favourite through this series then?!


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