30 June 2014

Monthly Moodboard: JUNE

tumblr fashion inspiration

I'm gutted that I missed out May's mood board, but that point in time was a right off for my blog due to pooey exams. But here's June's inspiration mood board for you. I was scrolling through my tumblr page to find my favourite images that i've re-blogged this month, and there was SO much monochrome, I can't believe I'm still so obsessed by that look, it's just so easy and so flawless. I've pulled a few other bits and bobs into it, such as Lana- who I never liked before, but have started to LOVE recently! And of course it wouldn't be a mood board by Kathleen if there was no Rihanna on there would there. There's never a month where she hasn't done/ worn something amazing. She's amazing.

K x 

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