23 July 2014

GIRL CRUSH | Suki Waterhouse

suki waterhouse style

I don't really need to write much here, this girls style history speaks, quite loudly, for itself. If my jealousy could take the form of a human being, it would probably look very much like Suki Waterhouse. BUT, just incase her beauty, style, modelling career, and insane amounts of cool-ness wasn't enough to make you green with envy... she is also the other half of bloody Bradley Cooper. I just can't even say anymore. She's really figured out this whole 'life' thing- something I'm yet to do myself.

Originally, this post was intended to be a "style crush"... but then I realised just how insane Ms.Waterhouse is, and how much I fancy adore her. I just couldn't help but include some pictures of this girls beauty. LOOK AT HER FACE. You're welcome.

suki waterhouse
Images courtesy of ElleGrazia & Pinterest


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