2 February 2016

Monthly Mood-board

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It's monthly mood-board time again, and I'm sure you're all thrilled. This month there has been SO much re-pinning going on on my Tumblr that I've had a bit of an inspo-overload (hence the TWO mood boards). I mean, all this Tumblr action is obviously nothing to do with exam season, I haven't spent the month procrastinating at all....

Anyway, the overload has served the mood-board feature well, and so I've decided to break it pinto a style board and then a bit more of a generally 'what I've been loving' kinda vibe down below. You might notice that Gigi is a prominent figure in my style board, but how could she possibly not be?! That girl is KILLING. IT. lately with her style, who agrees?

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  1. Love both of your boards! Black dress is stunning. I really need a "don't care" sweater, so I could wear it at home to piss off people haha :)

    Ela BellaWorld


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