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6 August 2013

AW Shopping List...

Leggings- H&M £14.99
Knit- H&M £19.99
Bag- H&M £19.99
Loafers- H&M £19.99

Just a few items that I've put on my September shopping list from the new H&M Autumn/Winter collection- which I'm loving! 
Black Cami- ASOS £25
WTF T-Shirt- ASOS £35
Skirt- ASOS £36
Sandal- New Look @ ASOS £17.99
Watch- River Island @ASOS £20

Coatigan- ASOS £75
Dipped Armhole Turtleneck- ASOS £10
'Uber High Waisted' Indigo Jeans- ASOS £30
Blue Tartan Shirt- Glamorous @ ASOS £25
Tan Chelsea Boots- White Stuff £75
Belt- Topshop £22
Earrings- Topshop £12.50
Monochrome Umbrella- Topshop £16

These are my favourite picks and contenders for my Autumn Shopping trip which is due after Augusts payday and I'm SO excited. Being a student, especially a fashion student, is difficult. There's just so much out there that I want to wear, but can't buy on my no-income budget. So I'm making the most of my Summer Job wages this Autumn, for my favourite season for fashion- Woo! Let me know what you think, what are your favourites here? As this list does need narrowing down unfortunately.


  1. I love the H&M picks, I'm excited about buying for the new season. So many things I want!

    1. i know i'm so excited too! there's too much that I want though! xxx

  2. The H&M bag and ASOS skirt are lush! I can't wait to start wearing AW clothes, bored of my summer stuff now :)
    Abi x

    1. same i love winter clothes so much more than summer! can't wait to buy these things! xxx


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