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23 August 2013

Fall Key Trend: THE BAG

1. Valentino Tote : £1375
2. H&M: £19.99

We all know Autumn is just around the corner and all your autumn/winter blog posts are getting me so excited as I'm a winter baby through and through. Don't get me wrong, I love summer BUT give me cosy layers and jumpers any day!

One of Autumn's key trends- the staple large handbag- is here! So here is my pick of my favourite handbags that I'm lusting over at the moment, but are WAY out of my price range unfortunately, So I've added a few high street picks into the mix as well. A girl can dream though eh?


  1. I actully really love number two! and such a great price I will have to pick one up!

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  3. I love the Valentino and Fendi! A lot of these remind me of my black Fendi peekaboo tote that i absolutely adore!
    Cute blog
    Mia ♡ Une Jolie Vie

    1. Really? So jealous! The Fendi is my favourite! xxx

  4. I'm definitely dreaming of the Valentino tote!
    Lydia Rose

  5. Hiya. I actually bought the (NÂș2) H&M bag for my mother, for her birthday. It's so nice. I'm tinking if I should buy it, or buy another bag that they have, very similar to that one but the material is "harder" if that makes sense but is a bit more expensive.

    1. I know the one you're talking about, and have the same dilemma, I don't know which one to get! xxx

  6. I like number 2 may have to get it but I also love number 6. Dilemma
    Beth x


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