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1 September 2013

Sneaking into monochrome: OOTD

Crucifix vest top: Topshop
Aztec black and white skirt with zip front: Urban Outfitters
Denim Jacket: Topshop
Black frilly socks: Primark
Sandals: Topshop
Chain: H&M

Everything I've bought as a result of payday is black &white, or black, or white. I didn't buy this outfit on payday, but it is what I wore to go shopping and my mum couldn't help herself commenting that I'm sneaking into a monochrome obsession. And I suppose I'm hardly in a position to disagree. I'm excited to get my wear out of all my new things as I haven't had a good old shop in sooooooo long as the reality of my student bank account is very painful.

Hey-ho autumns nearing ever closer and I'll be putting up a haul post of all my lovely autumnal monochrome post-payday purchases up very soon!


  1. I really like this skirt, great outfit Kathleen :)

  2. Nice outfit! I love your hair too btw! <3

    With love, Marijke (

  3. Great outfit :) plus can't beat abit of monochrome !
    Thanks for sending your link in the fblchat last night I'm now following!
    Http:// xxx


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