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3 April 2014

"I have no clothes"

Dress: River Island, Shirt: eBay, Boots: ASOS

A phrase that falls out of my mouth- and all girls, everywhere- on a far too regular basis- "I have no clothes".
I do have clothes. I have a lot of them in fact. I just don't have the funding to constantly buy more and more, into every little trend that pops up. Which, obviously, is what I wish I could do.

I've started to realise that I physically can't buy into EVERY thing I want to wear, so I need to start experimenting with all the pieces that are encapsulated in my bursting wardrobe.

The OOTD above is exhibit A. As you might know from post a couple of weeks back (here), I'm trying to find more dresses to wear in the daytime for SS. So in the meantime I've pulled out some of my old dresses such as the black skater dress above. I love texture I love this dress, but it's not really a day-dress is it? Enter the lumberjack shirt and chelsea boots to dress it down completely. Checks are everywhere at the moment as well so bonus for me!

Do you guys all try and experiment with the old pieces in your wardrobes?


  1. I hear ya! I feel like should be able to open a shop with the amount of clothes I buy and still I don't seem to have any! love the shirt xx

  2. four clothes wardrobes and one just for shoes and i still wear the same thing every day! I definitely need to start mixing things up with the stuff i already have!

  3. I definitely feel you here, I constantly buy more and more clothes that I don't really need ha I just love shopping so much! You look fab love the shirt

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