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12 May 2014

my mum never wears jeans but...

jeans: missguided, jumper: primark, belt: primark, shoes: topshop

I've wanted  a pair of mom jeans for quite some time now, so when my latest clothes fund (or 'student loan' as some people like to call it) came in, I seized the opportunity and went for it. I originally planned on getting the Topshop ones (here), but found these on Missguided for nearly half the price, which made me feel much less guilty about the purchase, as I wasn't 100% as to whether I was going to like them on me.

After some careful consideration(walking around all day with the label still in the back of them), I've decided to keep them. I think these jeans are refreshing compared to the standard skinnies I've been wearing since high school. And as you know, I love a bit of a flashback to the 90's. Pulled together with a chunky belt and a crop top, they're going to be perfect for summer.


  1. You look great in those jeans! Love the whole look :)

  2. You totally rocked those jeans! And you are so pretty and look like a Barbie doll! :D
    xx Tina

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