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21 July 2014

OOTD | Blending In

round sunglasses
michael kors bag
ASOS smock dress
top knot
gladiator sandals
ASOS smock dress
top knot hairstyle
michael kors tan bag
black and gold round sunglasses
Dress: ASOS (old), Bralet: Missguided, Glasses: Primark, Sandals: F&F @ Tesco (old), Bag: Michael Kors 

Okay I promise I didn't plan this (why would I, it's weird?).. but I noticed after taking these outfit photo's that almost everything in the picture is one colour, with different shades flying about all over the place. My dress, my bag, my hair, and the FENCE. I match my fence for God's sake. 

Nevermind hey, it's just one of those days. It's been super warm outside lately so I'm being forced to bare my pale skin to the world. This old smock from ASOS is the perfect warm-day look. It's so easy to wear, and the crepe material is so light and flowy, AND I don't feel over-exposed in it (I hate that feeling in the summer). I just popped my little Missguided bralet on underneath as it has a sneaky little keyhole at the front. Cheeky.


  1. Well, I'm loving the fence look ;) haha,
    but seriously, this is a lovely outfit and perfect for a casual, Summer day! :)

    Style Sunrise


  2. Nice dress! I love how your rocking the top knot hairstyle too! So 90s and great for the weather we have been having x

    Gegsy Lifestyle Blog

  3. Haha you match your fence, that's funny! Loving your sunglasses. I love wearing my hair in that half up half down style as well, it's such a good way to keep your hair out of your face without having to tie it all up!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  4. Love the look! The matching colors make the photos and the outfit look even better. Your hairstyle is also incredible!

  5. Haha even though you seemed quite nervous about the colours in the pic, i didn't notice it until you mentioned it! I'll be definitely checking in on your blog from now on,

  6. Love the dress and the sunglasses! I love how you style your hair like that with the mini bun :)
    Yours Truly, NY

  7. stunning outfit! you look great

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  8. Hahah I actually love that it all matches + that purse is gorgeous!
    x Justina //

  9. Lovely colour and shape! Look like a 70's garment!


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