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24 September 2015

My LFW Faves

london fashion week
Fashion week is a strange, strange thing for me. I haven't ever actually been to any fashion week shows myself but I always get swallowed up in all of the photos of the shows online. I LOVE looking through them all, but hate the pretentious aura that seems to come with the whole fashion week event. I've always been perfectly happy seeing fashion week through a computer, and this season is no different, so I've narrowed down my absolute faves from LFW to show you guys. Enjoy!

What were your favourite bis of this LFW?



  1. Such a nice post! We fell in love with Amanda Wakeley's collection - everything from the styles and shapes to the fabric and colours was prfect!
    Feel free to check out our faves of LFW too x

  2. Your description of LFW totally resonates with me! I've just finished drafting up a post of my favourite picks from LFW, I love trawling through to see all the collections!x


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