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29 December 2015

OUTFIT | Loving Life As A Gorilla

black fur gilet boohoo

white roll neck and black fur gilet
brown suede mini skirt new look
black faux fur gilet
over the knee boots and suede mini skirt
white roll neck and black fur gilet
black faux fur gilet
white roll neck jumper and black faux fur
brown suede a-line skirt and black fur gilet boohoo

I haven't gone long at all this winter without wearing this fur gilet, especially with how surprisingly warm it's been recently in the UK. I mean, warm is a bit of a loose term, and if you're reading this from LA then you probably wouldn't think it's warm in the UK right now. However being English, if you don't need to wear thermal socks, long johns, two thick jumpers, a padded coat and a blanket scarf to go outside in December, then it is WARM.

I'm also loving this super-soft white roll neck jumper from New Look, it's super wearable with basically everything that I own. Anyway, moving on from the outfit post, I want take the time to say that I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, whatever you were doing, wherever you spent it, and whoever you were with. I definitely had a lovely time with my family, and that's what it's all about right? I am having to really fight with myself to not feel horrendously sad now that it's all over.... it goes too quickly!!

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