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14 August 2016


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As you know if you read my last post, I've made the transition from student-life to full-time employment rather quickly, which is exactly what I wanted! However there is a downside to this when all you see all over your Instagram feed is bikini-clad girls running on golden white sands and riding elephants in Thailand... sigh.

It's got me feeling a slight bought of holiday blues, or if I'm feeling in a glass-half-full kinda mood, excited for my next (currently non-existent) adventure. So in a bid to curb the blues, even though it might just do the opposite, I'm going through my holiday pics from earlier this year. Just so I can also be one of the people posting holiday pics, and not just gawping at other peoples. I went to Gran Canaria with my best friend Kate, it was a pretty beautiful place, as I hope you can tell from the pics, let me know what you think!

K x



  1. Wow ! You both are looking gorgeous in these pics, and your dress is too beautiful. I hope you enjoyed a lot of this memorable tour, It is awesome place you have visited there. Find the way for coach holidays to enjoy this fabulous place.


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