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13 November 2016


khaki suede cap

blanket scarf neutral
oversized white knit jumper
white oversized jumper
khaki suede capoversized white jumper khaki hat
leather look jeans missguided
black leather backpack
adidas stan smiths
khaki suede cap river island
khaki suede cap
oversized white knit h&m

This jumper has shown it's face on my blog numerous times over the years when the weather has been less than inviting (see here, and here to enjoy some quite awkward throwbacks of my blogging). And this winter will be no different, it is still a firm favourite in my winter wardrobe and I can't see that changing any time soon. I don't think I need  to explain why, just look at it!

A more recent favourite is my suede cap, which I got from River Island at the start of the summer (how long ago does that seem now?!), so unfortunately this baby is no longer available either... sorry! I don't have the funds to always wear new things! Anyway, this cap, and any caps in general, are amazing when you just CANNOT BE BOTHERED sorting out your (matted and dry, as mine was in this case) hair. I strongly advise everyone should make the most out of wearing caps whilst they're around, and before they get swooped away back into the no-go-zone of being a bit too-chavvy. Though I hope that this never happens to be honest, I'm being optimistic.

K x



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