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22 November 2016


oversized fluffy grey coat

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neutral knitted blanket scarf
fluffy oversized coat
teddy bear coat
h&m blanket scarf
topshop knitwear
topshop knitwearneutral oversized scarf

I couldn't tell you how many times I've been called out for having Resting Bitch Face. Even if you paid me. Random people in the street telling me to "cheer up love" (so patronising by the way)... friends asking me if I'm okay... and even my boyfriend pointing out serious RBF in photos, just for the comedy of it... I've had it all. 

So, when I was editing these shots, I thought it was pretty fitting that the weather, the colours of my outfit, AND my face, were all very, very, COLD. I promise I am not a miserable person at all, I'm just saving money by preventing the need for botox in later life. 

Who wants laughter lines anyway?

K x




  1. Haha, my friend is exactly the same as you - total RBF!!! I love this look, looks sooo cosy xx

    LUCY |

  2. That is a fabulous look on you! Just added you onto the BLES Magazine Bloggerlist:D

    BLES Magazine: the online magazine about Beauty Life Entertainment & Style!

  3. Haha, I love this look! The coat and scarf combination is cool, and looks so cosy and warm! Plus, totally get you about the RBF thing, I do have my moment sometimes haha!

    Heather Xx


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