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23 February 2017

MISSGUIDED v TOPSHOP | The Spring Round Up


I wrote a post a few months back about how I have re-discovered my love for Topshop after falling astray for a while. And I can firmly say, I'm still head over heels. I don't realllllly need to say much in this post, as I'm basically just loving all of the above whilst desperately scraping pennies together to buy as much of it as possible.. you feel me?


Missguided kill it constantly. Again, there's really not a lot more needs to be said. We all know I love the Yeezy Vibes and muted colours. I pretty much need all of the above in my Spring wardrobe pretty much, do you agree?

SO... who's the winner? Are you Team Missguided or Team Topshop? That is a pretty difficult question so I completely understand if you feel obliged to say both.... let me know below!

K x



  1. It's such a hard choice - I feel like missguided can be so hit and miss sometimes but when it's a hit, it's really a hit! Such great prices for great pieces. xx

    Lucy x |

  2. Love these pieces you picked from topshop - their jewellery department is acing it right now, love the 'boss' earirngs :)
    Feel free to check out my latest post x


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