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23 July 2017


miami slogan t-shirt
miami slogan t-shirtmiami slogan t-shirt

I've mentioned my obsession with Miami many a time on this blog so far, so it's probably no big news to see me sporting this BABE of a slogan tee. I love how hot pink is right now. It's such a fun colour to rock, and even a basic AF jeans and t-shirt combo like this one looks pretty damn cool when it's pink, if I do say so myself!

miami slogan t-shirt
miami slogan t-shirt
miami slogan t-shirt

Now onto these pretty epic jeans that have entered my wardrobe this weekend. Three words. Zara. Sale. Gem. I won't lie, I hate sales. The thought of going shopping during sales genuinely gives me jitters, but something came over me this weekend. I threw my phobia out the window and went to probably the worst place to go during the summer sales. The Trafford Centre. I know, I know. I must have had a funny turn or something as that doesn't sound like me at all. BUT, out of this moment of madness, I found these Zara beauties at almost 1/4 of their original price, and I bloody love 'em! I have been in a bit of a rut denim-wise for a while, re-wearing the same trusty jeans over and over, but I know they all need a re-vamp, and that denim re-vamp has now officially begun. Thanks Zara!

K x


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  1. I love picking up absolute gems in Zara sales! I just hate shopping sales too haha!
    Love this look, and the location is so cool too!


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