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24 August 2017

The Importance Of Looking After Yourself

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I sit here writing this post in front of my TV watching Netflix at 21:13. I've come to the realisation that I really struggle to shut off, and watch tv for example, without doing something that I deem productive at the same time. Otherwise I feel like I'm wasting my time, OR I fall asleep to make the most of the chill time. Basically I feel like every moment I'm awake has to be spent doing something productive, or something fun, an experience. 
The reality is that this mentality will ultimately lead to one thing. A burnout. Humans need to chill out. We might not need a 6 month hibernation period like some species (as lovely as that might sound), but we do need down-time sometimes.

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I, for one, have felt the strain recently. I've felt truly exhausted, and really, for the first time since graduating last year, started to feel the pressure of being a busy millennial in 2017. The GIRLBOSS movement is something I fricken' love, but I also get sucked into seeing people lay on golden beaches on instagram and slightly resenting my current position (sat on my living room floor). 

I'm super career driven by nature, and always will be I think. I've known exactly what career I wanted for a really long time, and everything I've done in the past 8 years (pretty much) has been working towards that goal. Like a race horse with blinkers on, but not quite as fast. However. Blogging is not my career, as I've mentioned before, and was a big inspiration to posts I've written recently about whether I can afford to carry on blogging  I have a 9-5, which I love. But it makes it difficult to nurture my blog alongside my day job, especially to the extent, and quality that I would love to do. The difficulty is heightened when there such a natural comparison judgement from one blog to another. But this is why I need to chill. It's never going to be perfect, nothing in life is. My part-time hobby of a blog can physically not compare to someone who blogs 24/7. And that is okay. 

Late nights, no chill time after work, weekend stresses to get sh*t done (which I love tbf). All of these are the norm for me. By no means am I feeling sorry for myself, we all choose the life we live from day to day. I'm in a really happy place right now, so I'm really not moaning. But I am starting to justify the art of chilling (yes, it is an art to be mastered). We need to look after ourselves. Our bodies need looking after. Just as we watch what we eat and try and nurture our health and fitness through exercise, we also need to give our bodies, and minds, the rest and down-time that they deserve. And need, in fact, if we want to be fully efficient in what we do. And be happy. 
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You might have noticed there was no Sunday post this past weekend as there usually would have been, and it's very fitting that the reason for that is exactly what I've just written about. I relaxed, I let my hair down, and I had a proper weekend, followed by some reading and a big bubble bath. Work and blog free (pretty much). and it was refreshing, And now I feel energised and raring to go again, without that lethargic nag. I'm seriously looking into booking some spa days to carry on the self-loving journey I seem to have put myself on. And I'm bloody excited! Do any of you guys find it hard to fully mentally relax? Any tips on how to step back and fully wind down in this world of work work work would be gladly welcomed! Lemme' know!

K x


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  1. Very reflective post! I do agree that there is a balance to be had in life and that whichever state your in (full speed or chill) that you should be fully engaged and enjoy whichever one you choose to be in at the moment. I find more and more that I love to be fully present even if that means fully relaxing. :) I hope that you find the balance you need. Enjoy the spa!


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