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13 August 2017

Why Photography Is So Important For Your Blog

Ruffle Sleeve top Missguided
Ruffle Sleeve top Missguided

I discussed how much blogging has evolved in a recent post which you can read here if you haven't already. Writing that post, and reading the comments, got me thinking a bit deeper about the whole blogging world, and what makes it. Obviously, everyone's blog is their own blog, a personal space on the internet to do with what you wish. However, there is no denying that photography is a focal point, no matter what. The fact of the matter nowadays is that we all get sucked in by beautiful imagery, and reading the post is often an optional extra (guilty). It would be pretty ironic if you are currently scrolling past this block of text...

Now I know I'm stating the obvious, I hardly had an epiphany to come to this conclusion. But photography is the most important thing about a blog. Followed (I think) by an attractive headline (sometimes clickbait, but we can discuss that on another day, I'm not opening that can of worms right now). And third and finally, the actual written content. Crazy isn't it, often the bit that feels like it takes the most time, to me anyway. Coming up with something that isn't pure word vomit, or explaining how much I love my Joni jeans, again, and, again. Yes, I'm sure that was the extent of my written content back in the day. But it's not good enough anymore, and people simply aren't interested in reading about an outfit anymore, because blogging is no longer a new phenomenon. It's pretty established. People want a banging outfit, illustrated through bright, high quality photographs, preferably with a pretty (yet blurry, obviously) background. And then of course you need an actual blog post that people want to read. So easy, right?

Ruffle Sleeve top Missguided
Ruffle Sleeve top Missguided

Aside from this insane blouse making me feel like the sass-queen dancing emoji, the images stood out to me and showed me the type of images I want to produce. Photography is probably my favourite part of the blogging process. Creating imagery is really satisfying, don't you think? So upping my photography game over here is something very much on my radar right now, and is up there as a priority of mine. I hope you enjoy it!

K x



  1. Love these snaps girl! Photography is definitely one of my main focuses too with blogging - things are changing and we need to change with them!xx

    Lucy |

  2. "It would be pretty ironic . . . block of text." LOL! Loved the post and these pictures are awesome!


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