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23 May 2018

The Importance of Feeling Content

asos button down skirt
pink blossom
asos button down skirt

How nice is it to see a bit of greenery on the blog for a change? I was unsure about taking these shots at first, as I'm generally not a fan of outfit shots in grassy areas etc etc. Gone are the days of taking all of my pictures in my mums back garden hey? Luke and I took these shots on bank holiday Monday, when like most other inhabitants of Manchester, we flocked to Heaton Park for a stroll in the absolutely b-e-a-u-tiful weather. That weekend as a whole just made me feel so happy and lucky to be alive. I know that sounds dramatic but it really did! Breathing in the fresh spring air and basking in the sun in a nature-filled park. Bloody fantastic, and I really cherished it. So that happiness surrounding the day is what made me think 'screw the theme' and post the pics. And there's blossom too! That's probably what swayed me tbh. 

I've already written about the steps I'm taking to do better this summer here, and in turn elaborated on the steps I think will make me happier and more fulfilled. But over the last bank holiday I felt like I was simply content and genuinely happy from within, without thinking about anything or having to try and be happy. And that really does feel good.

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People quite often talk about being content as a bad thing, but is it not the best feeling? I understand you should always push yourself to strive forward and achieve your goals, etc. etc. But all in all, having the feeling of being content within yourself is unbeatable, and really shouldn't be looked down on.

One thing I'm not content with is the whole 9-5 thing. The thing I probably hate most about having a 9-5 is how much a I live for the weekends. But on the flip side, I think that makes me so much happier from within when Friday evening does strike, especially when the sky is blue and the sun is shining. I'm writing this on a blissful Sunday evening, with that every so slight feeling of apprehension for the week ahead. But for once, I'm kind of embracing it. I don't want to go all 'inspirational quotes' on you, because I'm not about that, not today anyway. But I'm really starting to realise how much to feel and appreciate happiness, you have to know what it is to feel sad, anxious and stressed. Happiness in isolation doesn't exist, and it certainly isn't appreciated. You need the lows to appreciate the highs, so it's really not all bad. So it's something to be remembered when you feel down, that it will make your next happy moment all the more glorious.

Heaton park nature
asos button down skirt
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That said, making sure you know your 'happy place' is really important. Knowing the place you can go and not think about all the BS that clogs our brains day to day is paramount to maintaining sanity and a healthy mental balance in today's world. Personally I'm such a home bird that my happy place is home, but how easy is it to get into a bit of a mental rut at home? So getting out and about is super important. Throw in some greenery, wildlife and peace and quiet, and you're really onto a winner. It's hard not to feel happy when all you can hear is a stream of water and birds in the trees above. Parks are an amazing place to clear your head and help put everything into perspective. Nature can be is a great helping hand in finding your inner peace (sorry I know that sounds cringey, but it's true!), and your most content place.

asos button down skirt
pink blossom
asos button down skirt
pink blossom
pink blossom
denim button up skirt

These shots for me feel like a breath of fresh air for this lil' blog. They aren't just shots to go with a post, they're shots that take me back to a happy day. They take me back to the smell of overflowing blossom trees, the warmth of the sun on my skin, the sound of the flowing streams, and crazily excited dogs splashing through them. Basically these photos remind me of a feeling of pure contentment. And that's such a positive thing to be able to capture. And I also wanted to put some pictures of Luke in this post as he just looked so handsome, and does help with the whole happiness thing too. We had such a lovely day so I couldn't write about it and not acknowledge him. As happy and smiley as he appears... 

K x


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