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29 July 2018

Trying to Acclimatise

missguided t-shirt dress
missguided striped t-shirt dress
missguided t-shirt dress

Happy Sunday all! I'm really trying my best to get back into my old 'post every Sunday' routine.  And yes, I am going to go ahead and blame the weather for the brief interruption to my schedule so far this summer. I know it's a proper lame excuse, but us English cannot cope with extreme weather. It's a fact! 

This summer really has been something else for us so far in the UK, and it's thrown us all off our usual ways. Writing blog posts at the weekends has turned into 'going for one at a beer garden', and we all know how that ends...  It's supposed to take your body a few weeks to acclimatise to a new climate, by which point I assumed I would be able to function fully again, because I don't know about you, but I've barely been able to sleep, eat, work, or concentrate the same since the heatwave has struck. However it's been about 6 weeks now (and Trump has the cheek to say global warming is a myth, 6 weeks of hot weather in the UK is UNHEARD of),  and I'm well and truly not acclimatised. 

So I'm going to have to force myself to try, and I'm cracking the whip on myself now. At least a little bit anyway, I'm still a firm believer of making the most of now and enjoying life (a.k.a beer gardens), but, I need to also learn to try and function as a human in this heat. I'm still working on how, so all suggestions welcome guys and gals.

missguided t-shirt dress
missguided t-shirt dress

I say all this, but today is an absolute washout of a day so far, which let's be honest, feels great, and is probably why I'm managing to write this post. It's so strange to realise how much your surroundings influence your mood and work ethic, speaking for myself anyway. Today being a Sunday, and a rainy day at home, makes for the best blogging environment for me. I'm also currently dog sitting a gorgeous lil' Frenchie, which is the absolute dream. So having him nestled up on the sofa next to me makes writing a post even more enjoyable. Can I have a Frenchie full time PLS? If you're anything like me and want to see pics then be quick and head over to my insta stories. I'm sure he'll be on the grid soon too because he is just gorgeous. If anyone reading this knows me in real life, you know having a blue Frenchie is one of my life goals, so this weekend has been actual goals for me. Seriously.

missguided t-shirt dress

missguided stripe oversized t-shirt
missguided striped t-shirt dress
missguided striped t-shirt dress

Back to the outfit, it's been my favourite kind of thing to wear this summer. We all know I love anything oversized (within reason, one wants to look like a sack of potatoes), so this t-shirt dress from Missguided has been my go to. I don't want to admit how many times this has been worn over the past 6 weeks. So I am thinking of getting some of the other variations, because the cut and size of this is just perfect for me, and so, so easy to wear. There's an amazing pink striped version that has been all over insta lately, and the gorgeous Sammi Maria has it on in her latest vlog and looks so bloody cool. However, I haven't seen anyone in this insane rainbow stripe version yet, and I think I need it for Manchester Pride in August. It's perfect. 

K x



  1. Oooo I am loving the t shirt dress trend, this one is such a classic! I feel ya with the hot weather, it makes you just wanna forget all responsibilities and act like you're on holiday, gotta push through!x

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

    1. Doesn't it just? I'm glad it's cooled down again now haha #classicbrit


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