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17 February 2019

The Fine Line Between Taking Inspiration, and Copying

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Adexe Watch Topshop Jacket Weekday Jeans Borg Hoody
Adexe Watch Topshop Jacket Weekday Jeans Borg Hoody

Recent months, or maybe even years, have had me feeling really un-inspired in the most part on Instagram, and more inspired for my blog, which I talked much more about in my last post. Following my last post, I wanted to delve more into exactly why the shift back to blogging had happened, for me anyway. 

Instagram is saturated now and it’s a hard place to organically build a following. Anyone that does not find it hard has either been very lucky, or is quite frankly, a liar. The algorithm is tough, we all know that. So I guess when someone cracks the code and finds a style of content that works, people will naturally copy it be inspired by how they managed that. Whether it's an outfit pic in the central reservation on Regent Street, a cute shot outside Peggy Porschen, or a 'styling video' essentially showing me how to get dressed in 4x normal speed. That’s just three examples off the top of my head that I still see multiple times a day on my feed, all from different people. I don't want to sound like a hater, as I totally get that they are visually appealing ideas, but to me, once I've seen that shot, I've seen it, it's been done, why does someone else need to re-create it? And someone else. And. Someone. Else.

Adexe Watch Topshop Jacket Weekday Jeans Borg Hoody
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Adexe Watch Topshop Jacket Weekday Jeans Borg Hoody

The severe congestion over on Instagram means it is difficult to stand out from the crowd, which is really what you need to have 'success' on Instagram. There are a hell of a lot of creators out there pumping out fantastic original content, the likes of Victoria @ Inthefrow and her fiancĂ© Alex spring to mind immediately, with eye catching and innovative photography that you just can't help but to double tap. It is whole-heartedly inspiring to see that kind of content being generated by bloggers, and there are so many more creators I could name, but I think I’ll save that for a future ‘favourites’ kind of blogpost that I’m planning to show some love and appreciation. We can all take motivation and be inspired by certain aspects of other people’s content, that’s completely natural, and we need to be inspired to keep moving forward, especially in this industry. But copying is a different ball game and it’s honestly pretty boring for the consumer to see the same things over and over. I don’t know about you, but I have had to unfollow a fair few people over the past year for this reason alone, which is a real shame if the reason you followed them in the first place was the complete opposite.

I honestly think that the bottom line seems to be that people are just a bit lazy and want a shortcut to success online. But success online usually comes to people who are actually creative, and thus create consistent original content based on their actual passions. It frustrates me to see the same content, that was once original organic content, copied time and time again. I know, I know, that to an extent a person coping your creativity is a compliment (so they say), but where is the line drawn? Will these content trends never end? Will people be standing outside Peggy Porschen in 2073 with their walking sticks? I really hope not. Instagram seems to be the hot-bed for this kind of idea-theft, and I hope that 2019 will be the year that it becomes a bit more diluted, and some originality can start shining through again. Leave your instagrams non the comments and I’ll have a nosy, I need some more genuinely inspiring people to follow, and I know that you lot will be just that!

K x


P.S. This watch was kindly gifted to me by Adexe London, and I would highly recommend if you're looking for a timeless piece (pardon the pun) at a great price. They haven't sponsored this post, I am just genuinely thrilled with the watch they sent me, such a lovely brand. 

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